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Photo I am currently a Research Associate at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn). My overarching research vision is to employ bioinformatics to understand the genome, decipher how dysregulation of biological processes leads to disease and discover novel avenues for precision medicine. My research interests revolve around data-driven biology, genomics, machine learning, systems biology, and large-scale data analysis. I have studied Physics, Biology and Computer Science and navigated my research at the boundaries of biology and informatics. My overarching aim is to develop novel, state-of-the-art, computational tools to mine and integrate multidimensional biological and biomedical data to discover new biology and address fundamental questions in biology and medicine.


Photo Our work showing mitochondria size reduction in ALS associated R495X mutant is online in Scientific Reports! more…

Photo Great feedback after my highlight talk and proud of my poster on ribothrypsis receiving best poster award at the European Conference on Computational Biology ECCB 2018.

Photo Our work is highlighted at the cover of Nature Structural & Molecular Biology! The thread of mRNA is handled by three female figures in an allegory of the three Fates (Moirai) that spun and cut the mother thread of life in Greek mythology! more…

Photo Beautiful News & Views article in NSMB by Lynne Maquat, a pioneer in the RNA field and discoverer of Nonsense Mediated Decay (NMD) on our recently published work! more…


High-throughput -omics, Data-driven biology, Genomics, Genetics, Systems Biology, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, RNA-Seq, CLIP-Seq, Ribo-Seq, Illumina and Oxford Nanopore sequencing, Perl, Go, R, Python, SQL, Bash, Java, High Performance Computing (HPC)